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Launch of our Newly Updated Website 0 comments

by Kyla Sask
The CBS Board of Directors Communications Committee is excited to announce that our website has an updated look...

GOLD 2022 Webinars (Biomedical applications of gold, October 6, 2021) 0 comments

by Neda Latifi
GOLD 2022 Webinars Webinar 8 Biomedical applications of gold in vivo applications and technologies, injectable nanoparticles and pharmacology Cancer nanomedicine Overcoming the challenges in current radiotherapy using gold nanoparticles Dr...

Annual General Meeting - Call for Nominations and Proposals 0 comments

by Thomas Willett
Hello friends, This email concerns a nominations for positions on the Board of Directors, and b proposals to host our 2023 annual meeting...

CBS-ASC Biomaterials Panel Discussion against COVID-19 0 comments

by Zhenwei Ma
The CBS-ASC would like to invite you to our first CBS-ASC Biomaterials Panel Discussion against COVID-19 that will be held on Thursday, May 6, 2021, at 11 am MDT via zoom...

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Development of Chitosan Coatings by Plasma-Grafting for Prevention of Contamination for Medical Devices comments

by Juliana M. Vaz
Bacterial contamination is a public health and socio-economic problem. In Canada, 220,000 people will develop nosocomial infections each year, 8,000 will die and 106...

High-throughput synthesis, analysis, and optimization of injectable hydrogels for drug delivery comments

by Todd Hoare Fei XU
Hydrogels are three-dimensional crosslinked polymer networks that have been widely explored in drug delivery given that their tunable internal porosities allow drugs to be loaded and subsequently released with user-defined kinetics...

Development of a dynamic culture pre-conditioning strategy for adipose-derived stem/stromal cells on decellularized adipose tissue bioscaffolds comments

by Tim Tian Han
Subcutaneous soft tissue defects resulting from congenital birth defects, invasive surgeries and traumatic events can severely compromise quality of life...

A Novel Photo-initiated Small Intestine Submucosa Hydrogel for 3D Cell Culture in Tissue Engineering comments

by Liangpeng Ge
The naturally derived material small intestinal submucosa SIS is a decellularized and collagen-rich extracellular matrix material derived from the submucosal layer of porcine intestine, is widely used in clinic and preclinic research, since it remains mainly structural and functional molecules of native extracellular matrix ECM , such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and kinds of growth factors...

Lanthanide-based nanoparticles as vascular contrast agents for micro-computed tomography comments

by Charmainne Cruje
Vascular development is extensively studied in small animals with the goal of increasing our understanding of this process and applying what is learned to humans...


Active Job Postings

  • Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Functional Polymeric Biomaterials
  • Grad Student Positions at McMaster - Biomaterials and Biointerfaces
  • 2 PhD/MSc students in bioconjugate chemistry applied to protein/peptide therapeutics
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow - liquid scaffold development for microbe-mammlain co-culture

Recent Member Projects

  • Sabrine MESSAOUDI: A modular platform for rapidly optimizing the structure of bispecific antibodies using DNA nanotechnology
  • Tatiana Lyalina: PhD candidate
  • Xiaoyi Lan: Bioprinting of Mechanically Robust Engineered Human Nasal Cartilage
  • Hossein Golzar: Developing uv-curable silicone based bioink for tissue engineering application

Recent Member Publications

  • Sabrine MESSAOUDI: Progress toward absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination, and toxicity of DNA nanostructures
  • Thomas Willett: A linear systems model of the hydrothermal isometric tension test for assessing collagenous tissue quality
  • Thomas Willett: mSLA-based 3D printing of acrylated epoxidized soy
  • Corinne Hoesli: Accessible dynamic micropatterns in monolayer cultures via modified desktop xurography
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