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CBS Mentorship and Professional Development Program

2021-11-30 19:52:25 by Neda Latifi

Why register in the CBS mentorship and professional development program?

A PhD for what and then what? This is a question I asked myself during my PhD and my two postdocs. I found that was the wrong question to ask first. The question of why doing a PhD brings me a new perspective. This is how I started to put the first block of my job search and the beginning of this program.

This is the first question that we will wonder about together among others. During the CBS mentorship and professional development program:

  • You will understand what to do with a PhD? And why does it matter to do graduate studies?
  • How to identify your graduate skills and transform them into transferable skills?
  • How to write a CV that rocks? And make a very good impression to any employers
  • how to network anywhere/ anytime?
  • How to brand yourself and use social media as a PhD even if you are an introvert?
  • How to interview like a STAR? Situation Task Action Result technique and beyond.
  • How to negotiate? Every PhD is finally good at it.

Beyond, you will gain transferable skills that will help you to get the job you will love and have an impact on our society. Our expert speakers will help you to figure out what are project management, leadership, innovation in science and technology, equity diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence, and more through engaging workshops.

Through the adventure of exploring a career beyond academia and getting a job you love, you will get peer support from students everywhere in Canada but more importantly, you will be matched to a mentor who has a brilliant career outside of academia. We have met all of them and they are very genuine people who are desired to give a little bit of their time to help you.

Do you want to join us for the next cohort that starts in January? Apply here:

The deadline to apply was extended until December 15th!!!

Gad Sabbatier, PhD

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