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CBS Election Results 2022

2022-06-23 11:39:48 by Eli Sone

Dear CBS members,

Thank you for participating in the voting for the CBS Board of Directors. I also want to thank all the nominees who ran this year in a very tight and competitive election.

The following nominees have been elected:

President Elect: Marta Cerruti (2022-2023; to be President 2023-2024)

Senior Board Members: Emilio Alarcon, Lindsay Fitzpatrick, and Mohsen Akbari (2022-2024)

Student Member: Neda Latifi (2022-2023)

Congratulations to our newly elected and re-elected Board Members! They will join Past President (and Treasurer) Thomas Willett, Senior Board Members Brendan Leung and Fabio Variola, and me on this year's Board.

Eli Sone, CBS President

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