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Biomaterials & Regeneration Webinar: July 28th, 2022

2022-07-26 14:18:27 by Amanda Clifford

Dear CBS Members, 

Dr. Malcolm Xing is pleased to inform you that a Webinar themed with " Biomaterials & Regeneration " held by Burns & Trauma (IF 5.711) will be launched on Thursday July 28th 2022, with guest speakers Dr. Guillermo Ameer and Dr. Ali khademhosseini.

If interested in attending, please see zoom details below:
09:00-10:300PM US East Time (July 28th,2022)
09:00-10:300AM Chinese Standard Time (July 29th 2022)
Please click the below link to attend the Webinar.
Zoom ID: 823 0527 4455

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