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Board of Directors for 2024 - 2025

2024-06-07 05:42:05 by Isabelle Catelas

Dear CBS members,

It is my pleasure to announce the new Board of Directors of the CBS for 2024 - 2025.

In addition to the President-Elect position, we had three vacant positions for Senior Board Members, and one for the Student Board Member. All our new board members were elected by acclamation, and there will therefore be no online vote for the elections.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am very pleased to welcome Vahid Adibnia from Dalhousie University, Marc-André Fortin from Université Laval, and Laura Wells from Queen’s University as new Senior Board Members, as well as Mahdieh Heydarigoojani from the University of Ottawa as the new Student Board Member. Simon Matoori from Université de Montréal and Jean-Philippe St-Pierre from the University of Ottawa remain on the board for the second year of their term as Senior Board Members.

I am also very pleased to welcome back Lindsay Fitzpatrick from Queen’s University and Marta Cerruti from McGill University in their new functions as President-Elect and Past-President, respectively.

Finally, I am very pleased to announce that Patricia Comeau from Concordia University and Emilio Alarcón from the University of Ottawa have been appointed as the new Secretary and new Treasurer, respectively.

Congratulations to all of them!


Isabelle Catelas
President of the CBS

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