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Mineralized polyplexes for gene delivery

Supervisor: Hasan Uludag

Viruses have been shown to mineralize in nature, receiving an advantage on infectivity and survival outside of a host due to material-specific bio interactions. Our goal is to explore if non-viral vectors –polyplexes, in this case – can acquire similar properties upon mineralization. This requires the study of nucleation strategies and ideal supersaturations for the achievement of a polyplex protected by a mineral shell with controlled size at the nanometric scale.

Keywords: gene therapy, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, poly(ethylenimine), poly(aspartic acid)

Techniques: electron microscopy (scanning and transmission), flow cytometry, DLS and ELS, among others

Teo Dick

Contact Information

  • University of Alberta
    Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
  • 109 street ,
    Edmonton, Alberta,
    Canda T5K 2Y3
  • Email:
  • Work: 5879746956

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