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Exploring fracture mechanics of blood clot for hemostasis applications

Supervisor: Jianyu Li

The project is to understand the fracture mechanics of blood clots, develop novel experimental-computational frameworks for hemostasis applications and integrate interdisciplinary approaches including experimental mechanics, computational mechanics, biomaterials, as well as blood clot biochemistry to engineer tough adhesive blood clots or cell-based tough hydrogels that could prompt hemostasis performance, enhance clot stability and avoid rebleeding.

Keywords: Fracture mechanics, blood clot, hemostasis, biomaterial, biomechanics

Equipment: Instron universal tensile machine, rheometer, 3D printer

Techniques: Experimental mechanics, finite element simulation, biochemistry

Shiyu Liu

Contact Information

  • McGill University
    Department of Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • 817 Sherbrooke Street West, Room MD 270,
    Montréal, Quebec, H3A0C3
  • Email:
  • Home: 4388665298

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