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Effects of cell culture plastics on dendritic cells activated using Immunyr™

Supervisor: Prof. Corinne Hoesli

The project aims to develop a closed culture vessel manufacturing system for cell-based cancer vaccines. I play an important role as the surface engineering expert in studying cell-material interaction. (

Keywords: Surface modification, polymers, biointerface, biomaterials, tissue engineering

Equipment: PECVD, XPS, FTIR, Goniometer, Profilometry, SEM, Fluorescence microscopy, Flow cytometry,

Techniques: Surface characterization, Bulk characterization, In Vitro cell culture studies, Hemocompatibility s

Balaji Ramachandran

Contact Information

  • McGill University
    Department of Chemical Engineering
  • 3494 rue Jeanne-Mance, App 506,
    Montreal, Quebec, H2X 2K1
  • Email:
  • Home: 5146924377
  • Membership#R222730

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