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Advanced microparticles for cell therapy

Supervisor: Dr. Mohsen Akbari

I am a researcher focused on developing specialized microparticles with unique properties and capabilities for use in cell therapy. My goal is to improve the efficiency and efficacy of cell therapy, ultimately leading to better treatment options for a variety of diseases. Through my work, I aim to contribute to the advancement of cutting-edge medical technologies that have the potential to significantly impact the lives of patients.

Keywords: microparticles, anisotropic materials, cell therapy, bioprinting, microfluidic

Equipment: syringe pumps, microscope, bioprinter, flow cytometry and real-time PCR

Techniques: Microfluidic-based technology

Esfandyar Askari

Contact Information

  • University of Victoria
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • ELW building, Finnerty Road ,
    Victoria, BC, V8P 5C2
  • Email:
  • Home: 2365089217
  • Membership#C232872

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