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Development of recombinant BMP bioimplants

Supervisor: Sean Peel

Abstract Recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) containing implants can be as effective as autogenous bone grafts and have been approved clinically to stimulate spine fusion, repair of long bone non-unions and bone augmentation in the jaw. BMP implants are expensive and are associated with complications including
ectopic bone formation, inflammation and cancer due to the very high doses of BMP used. These high doses are required due to the inefficient burst release from the collagen carriers used. However, the use of traditional sustained release carriers to deliver BMP have not been successful.
This project involves the development of novel carriers for BMPs that produce increased bone formation with reduced adverse events using less BMP.

Keywords: BMP drug delivery bone regeneration

Techniques: Cell Culture, Animal Models, ELISA,

Sean Peel

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