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Engineering Innovative Skin Substitutes for Treating Burn and Chronic Wounds

Supervisor: Song Liu

The development of skin substitutes is crucial for the treatment of deep wounds, but challenges such as the lack of donors and the lengthy manufacturing process hinder autologous options. Our solution is a biomimetic skin matrix with genetically engineered human skin cells that grow in a controlled manner. This innovative approach aims to create a universally accepted skin substitute that reduces rejection by the immune system and promotes rapid, scarless wound healing. The creation of an allogeneic skin substitute that is immune-resistant and readily available, marks a groundbreaking shift in treating acute and chronic wounds, opening the door to authentic skin regeneration.

Keywords: Skin Substitutes, Antimicrobial, Skin Regeneration, Scarless Wound Healing

Equipment: 3D Bioprinter, Eletrospinner

Techniques: FRESH 3D Bioprinting; Electrospinning; Cell Culture

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