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Launch of our Newly Updated Website 0 comments

by Kyla Sask
The CBS Board of Directors Communications Committee is excited to announce that our website has an updated look...

GOLD 2022 Webinars (Biomedical applications of gold, October 6, 2021) 0 comments

by Neda Latifi
GOLD 2022 Webinars Webinar 8 Biomedical applications of gold in vivo applications and technologies, injectable nanoparticles and pharmacology Cancer nanomedicine Overcoming the challenges in current radiotherapy using gold nanoparticles Dr...

Annual General Meeting - Call for Nominations and Proposals 0 comments

by Thomas Willett
Hello friends, This email concerns a nominations for positions on the Board of Directors, and b proposals to host our 2023 annual meeting...

CBS-ASC Biomaterials Panel Discussion against COVID-19 0 comments

by Zhenwei Ma
The CBS-ASC would like to invite you to our first CBS-ASC Biomaterials Panel Discussion against COVID-19 that will be held on Thursday, May 6, 2021, at 11 am MDT via zoom...

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Ultra-high molecular weight hyperbranched polyglycerol polymers are hemocompatible materials for biomedical applications comments

by Lily Takeuchi
Generally, drug molecules are associated with low solubility in physiological media, rapid metabolism or undesired interaction with proteins present in the blood including enzymes and antibodies...

An ultrasound activated implant that provides on demand BMP-2 release comments

by Gazelle Jean Crasto
Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2 BMP bioimplants can be used to promote bone repair and fusion. Adverse effects reported with the use of BMP are attributed the use of an acellular collagen sponge ACS as the carrier for the BMP...

Micro-scale distribution of RGD/BMP-2 peptides to control hMSCs osteogenesis comments

Nowadays, several protocols are proposed to induce the osteogenesis new bone tissue formation in order to regenerate or replace bone tissue when it is severely damaged...

Enhancing the Re-endothelialization of Vascular Substitutes via a Biomimetic Approach comments

by Corinne Hoesli Mohamed Elkhodiry
Insufficient surface endothelialization of vascular substitutes such as stents and vascular grafts is a main contributor to post-implantation device failure...

Surface charge characterization of hydrogel and silicone hydrogel contact lenses comments

by Lina Liu
Contact lens surfaces may be ionic or electrically neutral. Base on how different lenses interact with various lens care solutions and how they are affected by interaction of different proteins or lipids from tear film, FDA categorised soft contact lenses into 4 distinct groups including two ionic contact lens Group III and group IV...


Active Job Postings

  • Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Functional Polymeric Biomaterials
  • Grad Student Positions at McMaster - Biomaterials and Biointerfaces
  • 2 PhD/MSc students in bioconjugate chemistry applied to protein/peptide therapeutics
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow - liquid scaffold development for microbe-mammlain co-culture

Recent Member Projects

  • Sabrine MESSAOUDI: A modular platform for rapidly optimizing the structure of bispecific antibodies using DNA nanotechnology
  • Tatiana Lyalina: PhD candidate
  • Xiaoyi Lan: Bioprinting of Mechanically Robust Engineered Human Nasal Cartilage
  • Hossein Golzar: Developing uv-curable silicone based bioink for tissue engineering application

Recent Member Publications

  • Sabrine MESSAOUDI: Progress toward absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination, and toxicity of DNA nanostructures
  • Thomas Willett: A linear systems model of the hydrothermal isometric tension test for assessing collagenous tissue quality
  • Thomas Willett: mSLA-based 3D printing of acrylated epoxidized soy
  • Corinne Hoesli: Accessible dynamic micropatterns in monolayer cultures via modified desktop xurography
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