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Conference Awards

Congratulations to the following winners of best poster and best oral presentation awards at CBS 2017 in Winnipeg!  Thank you to our sponsors for providing additional funding for recognizing the top presentations at the conference.

ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering Best Poster Awards

Stephanie Fernandez (McGill University) - Engineering a Vascularised Encapsulation Device for the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

Eve Hui (Ecole de technologie superieure) - Development of an Injectable and Thermosensitive Chitosan Hydrogel for the Prevention of Post-surgical Abdominal Adhesions

CBS Best Poster Awards

Leixi Chen (McGill University) - Adhesive Strength of Surgical Adhesives on Porcine Vocal Fold Tissue 

Michaela Thomas (University of Victoria) - Bioprinting Neural Tissue

DEPS Best Oral Presentation Awards

Eric Tawagi (University of Toronto) - Immunomodulatory hydrogel microspheres as a sustained release system for angiogenic growth factors

Sarah Kiros (Western University) - Mesenchymal progenitor cell differentiation on electrospun poly (ester amide) fibres for vascular tissue engineering

Burns and Trauma Best Oral Presentation Awards in Burns and Wound Healing

Bingcheng Liu (University of Manitoba) - Surface Tension Guided Hanging-Drop: Producing Controllable 3D Spheroid of High-Passaged Human Dermal Papilla Cells and Forming Inductive Microtissues For Hair-follicle Regeneration

Emily Buck (McGill University) - Comparison of loading methods of an antimicrobial agent in electrospun PLGA fibers 

CBS Best Oral Presentation Awards

Judith Ng (University of Toronto) - Identification and characterization of adhesive proteins in freshwater mussels for the development of novel bioadhesives

Wai Hei Tse (Western University) - Development of a Biocompatible Upconversion Nanoparticle Model for Theranostic Applications in Anti-angiogenesis

Fei Xu (McMaster University) - Single-step loading of cells into nanofibrous hydrogel scaffolds via reactive electrospinning

Pascal Morissette Martin (Western University) - Human decellularized adipose tissue-derived bead foams enhance the survival and angiogenic response of fibroblasts isolated from human chronic wounds in an in vitro chronic wound model

Previous Meeting Best Presentation Awards

At each Annual Meeting of the Canadian Biomaterials Society, the best poster and podium presentations by students and post-doctoral fellows are given awards from CBS.  The winners of conference awards from CBS conferences are shown below - congratulations!

10th World Biomaterials Congress (Montreal, 2016) award winners

32nd Annual Meeting of the Canadian Biomaterials Society (Toronto, 2015) award winners

31st Annual Meeting of the Canadian Biomaterials Society (Halifax, 2014) award winners

30th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Biomaterials Society (Ottawa, 2013) award winners

29th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Biomaterials Society (Vancouver, 2011) award winners

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