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WBC 2016 Legacy Travel Award

Award Deadline: 2025-02-05

Award Deadline: Extended to 2024-02-05

Notification: 2024-02-25

This award was created in recognition of a generous donation by 10e Congres Mondial des Biomatériaux 2016 Montreal Inc. The WBC2016 held in Montreal Canada in May 2016 was a significant achievement led by members of the Biomaterials community in Canada and supported by the international community of biomaterials, and resulted in hosting the world's largest ever gathering of biomaterials and tissue engineering scientists in a single venue. The event generated revenue that the Congress organizers has been able to use for furthering the mission of its mandate by assisting young scientist to attend national and international biomaterials-focused meetings. The organizers of the meeting wished to continue the legacy of the WBC2016 in Canada for a total of up to 30 years by promoting the exchange of scientific, engineering- and health science-related knowledge pertaining to the field of biomaterials by funding trainees to travel to the annual meeting of the CBS or to the WBC.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

· Applicants must be registered full time in an undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral program and be in good standing in their program at a Canadian University at the time of submitting their abstract to the meeting.

· Applicants must submit an abstract to the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Biomaterials Society (or to the World Biomaterials Congress) and be a member of the Canadian Biomaterials Society at the time of the abstract submission.

· Applicants may apply and receive awards over multiple years but only one award per year.

· Candidates must be undertaking a biomaterials-related program of study and their supervisors must attest to this.

· The successful candidates will have a strong academic record and be making good progress in their graduate research program, as demonstrated by academic records and their CV, a letter of recommendation from their supervisor and other measures of scholarship.

· For WBC years only (including 2024), only applicants who have received an acceptance of a presentation from WBC will be considered for this award, with preference given to oral presentations. Proof of acceptance and a copy of the accepted abstract must be provided as part of the application.

Application Procedure

Applicants will submit the application form along with the supplementary materials, including a CV, an academic transcript (for graduate students only; PDFs are exempt from this requirement), and a letter of support from his/her supervisor.  For those participating in a WBC, a copy of the accepted abstract at the WBC and the e-mail from the WBC organizers confirming the acceptance of the abstract as an oral presentation should also be provided with the application.

The applications will be reviewed by the Canadian Biomaterials Society awards committee, which will select the winners based on the following weightings:

  • 60% - quality of candidate based on academic records and CV;
  • 30% - quality of the project/abstract;
  • 10% - service to the Canadian Biomaterials Society.

To apply, the applicants should merge the application form and all supplementary materials into a single PDF document and attach their file in an e-mail to the CBS secretary prior to the deadline. Optionally, letters of support from the research supervisors may be sent as a separate e-mail that clearly indicates the trainee's name in the subject line of the e-mail. Successful applicants will be notified by email, and competition results will be announced on the CBS website.

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