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CBS Early Career Investigator Award

Award Deadline: 2027-05-15

The objective of the Early Career Investigator Award is to recognize the research achievements of a Canadian biomaterials researcher within the early stages of his/her career as a Principal Investigator.

  • Applicant Criteria: PI within 10 years of starting first academic appointment as a full-time faculty member, with a record of participation in the CBS
  • Evaluation Criteria: Evidence of outstanding research achievements and impact in the Canadian biomaterials research community including, but not limited to, publications, citations, awards, potential for international impact, invited research talks, IP & technology development, based on the candidate’s curriculum vitae, candidate statement and nominator statement.
  • Frequency: Every 4 years, starting at the WBC2016
  • Recipient will receive: $1000 award from CBS, certificate
  • Nomination Process: Nominations will be solicited by email sent to all current CBS members. Please refer to the website and your e-mail for an announcement regarding the next nomination period.  The nominators will be asked to submit a short supporting statement (~250 words) explaining why they feel the candidate should receive the award.  Email nominations will be directed to the CBS Secretary.  Nominated candidates will be reviewed to confirm they meet the eligibility criteria, and contacted to determine if they accept the nomination and to provide a copy of their curriculum vitae as well as a short (1-2 page) candidate statement.
  • Selection Process:  The Awards Selection Committee will be chaired by the CBS President and made up of all elected senior members of the CBS Board of Directors, including the President-Elect and Past President, and the current IUS-BSE Representatives.  Awardees will be selected from all formal nominations received based on the curriculum vitae and candidate statements provided by the candidates and the nominator statements.  If a member of the Awards Selection Committee is nominated for an award, he/she will not participate in the adjudication of that specific award.  All decisions will be made by majority vote, with the Chair of the Committee voting only in the event of a tie.

Current Award Winners


  • Marc A Gauthier (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique)
    Insitut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS) - EMT Research Center
    Professor and FRQS Research Scholar
    Past President, Canadian Chapter of the Controlled Release Society
    Past Secretary, Canadian Biomaterials Society

Past Award Winners


  • Todd Hoare (McMaster University)
    Dr. Todd R. Hoare, an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at McMaster University, is the inaugural winner of the CBS Early Career Investigator Award. Todd has rapidly gained world-wide recognition for his work on environmentally-responsive hydrogels for both controlled drug delivery and tissue regeneration applications. In this context, his lab has made seminal contributions to the field of “smart” materials-based technologies, including remote-controlled drug release and hydrogels that can elicit tunable cellular responses. For his outstanding research achievements, Todd was recently named a McMaster University Scholar and has received, among others, the John Charles Polanyi Prize in Chemistry and an NSERC Innovation Challenge Prize.

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